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When looking for a beachfront condo, townhouse or villa, our office is 100% independent, representing Buyers only! For professional guidance when buying property in Aruba.

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We are a proud member of the Association of Aruban Realtors (AAR)

Top Reasons for Connecting with Buyer's Agent Aruba


Buyer's Agent Aruba - the Condo Specialist - is the first local Exclusive Buyer's Agency (EBA). We work 100% for you! How does that work? Well, sellers pay a fixed % to their realtors, who are happy to share commission with us. So hiring us will NOT cost you anything extra. It is more likely that with our help, you pay even less in the end 😉 You see now? Working with Buyers Agent Aruba can only benefit you!


Buying a property on - one happy island - Aruba is obviously a dream come true, but you should also realize you are navigating in unfamiliar territory. Aruba has been our home for over 15 years, we know the local real estate market and work with all realtors. Looking for extra income? Because of our extensive experience, we realistically calculate your rental income and recommend excellent property management.


We guide you from the first interest till signing the contracts. While you are at home, consider us your local partner on the ground for inspections, bank approved appraisals, walk-throughs, live viewings, photos, video's and even drone footage. We make sure you can view properties from a distance, with a feeling of being there yourself.


When you can visit Aruba, you only have limited time to spend looking at homes. Coordinating multiple showings with sellers and different agents can be a juggling act. Not for us. We work with all local realtors, and as your buyer's agent we can easily plan and coordinate it all. We make sure you will get the showings you want most while in Aruba.


We know the current market value of a property better than an outsider and we look at properties without emotions. During the process of negotiations we can advice, discuss and bid on your behalf to get you the best possible deal. Remember.. Buyers Agent Aruba is always 100% on your side!


If a deal seems too good to be true, it sometimes is. With years of construction and property management experience, we have a very good eye for general and upcoming maintenance costs or worse: costly (hidden) construction errors! We will tell you "NO" when needed. Sometimes it's just better to walk away.

How We Work​

Allow us to represent & act in your best interests when buying your dream home in Aruba!

  1. Let’s start with us having a personal talk (phone or video chat) so we can introduce ourselves and how our company works. At the same time we will try to determine what your real estate wishes are. Please ask us anything that’s on your mind!

  2. We will confirm all we discussed by email so it becomes clear for everyone what our next steps will be, this email will also contain our Buyers Agency Agreement as well as our Buyers Guide covering all you need to know.

  3. As a member of the “Association of Aruban Realtors” (AAR), you directly benefit from our huge network, as we check the current listings of all the approx. 20 different broker companies in Aruba, from where we make a selection that suits your real estate wishes best.

  4. You as the buyer should pick a “top 3” favorites list from those options, so we can dive into the details for your 3 favorites. We will gather all the available information about these 3 listings (appraisals, HOA fees, expected rental income etc).

  5. In the meantime, if a new property enters the market that fits your wishes, we will notify you immediately about it.

  6. Depending your interest and availability, we can either organize viewings from a distance (video / drone viewings), or schedule viewings in person.
  • Good to know: with our help, offers can be made from abroad based on the condition for you to visit / see the property in person on a later time. Offers can also be made based on acceptance of the approval of the bank loan.
  1. If you are able to visit Aruba for showings, we will plan and coordinate everything, pick you up from the airport if necessary and accompany you with a set of professional eyes while we visit our selection of listings.

  2. We will always advice you during the bidding process, and can make offers on your behalf. We as buyer’s agents are able to negotiate with an objective stance, without emotions, making us a better negotiator thus getting you the best possible deal.

  3. When our offer is accepted by the seller, we will walk you through the compliance process so the purchase agreement can be signed. All will be send to the notary, who will request a market value (determined by the government of Aruba, called “legger waarde”) and prepare the transfer of the deed. This process will take about 2 months in Aruba.

  4. You will be invited at the notary office for signing the deed, and you will receive your keys to your newly obtained dream home in Aruba. As an after service we will guide you in the process of transferring the utilities in your name. With our guide you will know exactly where to go and how to get it done without any hassle.

Meet our Small but Dedicated Team​

Our practise is to discuss and review all cases with the whole team. Experience taught us that extra eyes, feedback and opinions give clients better results

Stanley Kayser


Earned his realtor stripes from experience. About 8 years ago, Stanley designed and constructed a contemporary villa that shortly after became the most successful and top rated vacation villa in Aruba, which he still manages today.

Appeared on the cover of Top Agent Magazine and nicknamed "Aruba's Condo Specialist", with a passion for Real Estate. With 10+ years on the island, Stanley knows the market inside out! Add that to his background in construction, maintenance and property management, and it becomes clear why Stanley is a powerful asset for anyone looking to buy property in Aruba.

Georgina Sanzone


Georgina is our office angel who keeps us on schedule. She maintains a smooth running of our workspace and handles a variety of administrative duties, organizes our files, performs a huge array of other essential tasks and of course answers the telephone.

Georgina also coordinates and plans all work schedules, office meetings and property showings with clients.

Lars Stolk


Lars moved to Aruba from the Netherlands in 2011. Before Lars started his Real Estate career in Aruba, he was a dedicated Marine serving the Netherlands for 15 years worldwide. Lars is honest and determined, allowing him to be a well respected buyer's agent on the island. .

Lars has a proven track record of happy clients. He takes pride in servicing his clients while delivering exceptional results that often lead to lifelong relationships. To name just one of his achievements: his presence in the popular international television series, House Hunters Internationals.


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What Clients Are Saying About Us

Real reviews from clients that connected with Buyers Agent Aruba

"We used Stanley as our Buyer's Broker and he is hands down THE condo specialist in Aruba and a top notch agent. He went the extra mile for us when needed and his enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication to his job is unmatched. He will take care of you from beginning to end and it has been a real pleasure working with him! He’ll be highly recommended to anyone I know that is looking to purchase a condominium in Aruba. Thanks Stanley for all you did for us, you found us the perfect condo! "

Client Logo
Carol & John New York City

"Mr Kayser was our buyer broker for the purchase of our vacation rental in Aruba. From the start, Stan worked tirelessly to make the process easy and understandable, explained all the transfer costs and patiently answering every question we had (we had like a thousand and some we probably asked more than once). This guy luckily has a lot of patience and kept this process running smoothly. With our best interests in mind Stan got us into a house we are very happy with. For anyone buying a home and in need of assistance, Stan was a fantastic agent on our behalf. My wife and I were extremely pleased with this service. "

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Kevin and Marcy Boston

"I started out with Stanley and I was extremely relieved that I did not have to explain him a thing; 2 words and Stanley understood all my wishes, a big advantage of a small personal office I guess. I have learned so much from him in the process, he was always very prompt with answering all questions and we had constant communication. Stanley was a great negotiator on my behalf. Thank you sir, I still owe you a few beers 🙂 "

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Don M Vancouver CA

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